Sovereign Class Starship

20 Years Commissioned Starship in STARFLEET

History of the Shuttlecraft Shiloh NCC-1881/04 (1995-1996)

The group held elections for the Executive Committee were held in order to start the process. Jeffery Higdon was elected Commanding Officer, or Skipper, of the chapter, with Karen Higdon selected as Executive Officer and Peggy Ridgeway elected Second Officer.

Those attending also selected three names for their proposed chapter/starship to present to STARFLEET Department of Technical Services - Shiloh (after the battle of the same name); Wolverine (after the Marvel Comic Character) and Olympiad (a name used for the Olympic Games). It was also decided that the name would be used as the shuttle name.

The chapter also selected a class of starship they wished to be - Intrepid.

STARFLEET of Henderson was formally accepted as a chapter-in-training on June 15, 1995, with the designation of the Shuttlecraft Shiloh. The Shuttlecraft Shiloh was attached to the USS Alacrity NCC-1881, as its "Mother Ship" for the duration of its training period.

The Command Staff/Charter Members of the Shuttlecraft Shiloh was as follows:

STARFLEET of Henderson was created on February 28, 1995, when a meeting was held at the home of Jeffery and Karen Higdon. In attendance were Peggy Ridgeway, Timothy Raines, Jonathan Hubbard, Brock Barker, Christopher Higdon, Emily Higdon, Karen Higdon and Jeffery Higdon. It was made known that in order to establish a shuttle, or a chapter in training, they would need to recruit five members, but no more than two from any one family.

Commanding Officer: Commander Jeffery Higdon;
First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Karen Higdon
Second Officer: Senior Chief Petty Officer Peggy Ridgeway
Operations Officer: Chief Petty Officer Timothy Raines
Security Officer: Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Hubbard
Asst. Security Officer: Ensign, j.g. Christopher Higdon
Captain's Yeoman: Cadet Petty Officer First Class Emily Higdon

Meanwhile, Contact was made by Commander Jeff Higdon with the US National Park Service at Shiloh National Military Park, Shiloh (Hardin County), Tennessee, in order to establish ties for committing to a public service project for the Shiloh. USNPS Ranger Brain McCutchen met with the crew to outline the projects of the park and the crew was drawn to a new project being established at the time -- the "Adopt a Monument" Program. This enabled the crew of the Shiloh to adopt a certain monument in order to maintain them.

The following monuments were chosen:
1. 15th, 16th & 19th US Infantry, Army of the Ohio Monument. It is located at one end of Duncan Field near the West end of the Sunken Road and Hornet's Nest.
2. The Putnam Stump Monument. This monument was placed by the State of Wisconsin at the site of a tree stump which had marked the initial burial place of Private J.D. Putnam, 24th Wisconsin (Volunteers) Infantry, Army of the Tennessee, who fell in the Battle of Shiloh (6-7 April 1862). It is located on Corinth Road near the midpoint of the Sunken Road.
3. The Cemetery Commemoration Monument. This monument is located inside the National Cemetery at its front, and was added to the list in June, 1996.

The Shuttlecraft Shiloh and her crew participated in many events prior to her commissioning as the USS Shiloh NCC-74683:
1. First Annual Alacrity/Shuttles Putt Putt Tournament: Team Shiloh, consisting of Jeff, Karen, Chris, and Emily Higdon, and with Karen Cushing of the Shuttlecraft Mark Twain placed second in the annual putt putt tournament. Commander Higdon placed second overall individually.
2. Away Mission: The Higdons transported via shuttle pod (the family auto) into STARFLEET Headquarters in Belleville, Illinois and met with Fleet Admiral Dan McGinnis, Commander of STARFLEET; Fleet Captain Wayne Cavalier, Chief of Computer Operations; and Fleet Captain Helen Pawlowski, Vice Commandant, STARFLEET Academy.
3. News: The Shiloh was featured in an article in the Jackson Sun on 14 November 1995, page 1B entitled "Trekking to Frontiers".
4. Away Mission: The Shiloh staged a takeover of FM Radio Station WFHC, 91.5, for two hours (with the permission and blessing of WFHC).
5. Diplomatic Mission: The Shiloh marched in the Christmas Parade on 7 December 1995 After the parade the crew held the first Shiloh Christmas party at the home of Lieutenant Ridgeway.
6. Award: The Shiloh was awarded a Region 1 Distinguished Unit Award on 12 December 1995. This was the first of two DSAs awarded to the Shiloh by Region 1.
7. Anniversary Party: The Shiloh held their first Anniversary party on 2 March 1996 at the site of their first meeting.
8. News: The Shuttlecraft Shiloh was featured in the STARFLEET Focus section of the Dec.-Jan. 1996 Issue of the STARFLEET Communiqué. The Shiloh was the first chapter-in-training to honored such.
9. International Awards: On September 10, 1996, the USS Shiloh received word for the STARFLEET International Awards Committee Chairperson, Commodore Marian Murphy-Thompkins, that the Shuttlecraft Shiloh had been awarded on of four "Shuttle of the Quarter" Awards and was a finalist for the "Shuttle of the Year".