Sovereign Class Starship

24 Years a Chapter of STARFLEET

A History of a Star Trek Fan Club
The real-life history

The Starship BLACK HAWK started out as the 'Shuttlecraft' Shiloh on February 28, 1995 in a small apartment in Henderson, Tennessee, then evolved into the USS Shiloh on March 23, 1996, then the club moved to Rockford, Illinois in August, 1997 and became the USS Black Hawk on December 16, 1999.  To access our illustrious, real-life history choose a topic:

The Shuttlecraft Shiloh, NCC-1881/04
USS Shiloh, NCC-74683
USS Black Hawk, NCC-74683
USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004 (1999-2005)
USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004 (2006-2010)
USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004 (2011)
USS Black Hawk  NCC-75004-A (2012-Present)


Fortune Favors the BOLD!
Based on the motto of the US Navy vessel USS Black Hawk, MHC-58.

Learning from the Past in order to seek the Future...
Motto of the USS Shiloh, NCC-74693.


The USS Black Hawk has served as Mothership and launched three STARFLEET Chapters in our illustrious history.  They are:

USS DragonStrike, NCC-74305, Oswego, Kansas (Decommissioned)
USS Aurora, NCC-96000, Everett, Washington
USS Reuben James, NCC-75002, Urbana, Illinois