of the USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004-A, Flagsip of the
                  Twelfth Fleet U.S.S. BLACK HAWK

Sovereign Class Starship


                  of the STARFLEET Twelfth Fleet

USS Black Hawk Fly-By...


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Many thanks and the gratitude of the Officers and Crew of the USS Black Hawk must go to the following personnel: Commodore Karen Cushing (ret), formerly CO of the USS Mark Twain, designer of the original USS Shiloh Website in 1995; to SFMC Lt. Colonel Jay Leafey, USS Aeon formerly the USS Alacrity, the USS Shiloh's Mothership, who helped convert some of the early graphics and backgrounds as well as the Webpages which were the original template for this site; Admiral Ed Nowlin, CO of Cascade Station, who help designed the Dedication Plaques for the USS Shiloh and all USS Black Hawks and for the graphics of Cascade Station that doubles for Starbase Rockford, and for his continuing guidance and help.  Also a big thinks goes to Lieutenant General Michael McGowan, SFMC, USS BortaS (formerly the CO of the USS Ursus out of Springfield, IL) for help on the oval design of the USS Black Hawk original logo, as well as the unnamed person who designed the 'Hawk' used originally off the logo of  the US Naval Vessel USS Black Hawk, MHC-58!  Also thanks has to go to Fleet Captain Jay Hurd or the USS Chicago who helped in creating a decent masthead.