Logo for USS Bllack
              Hawk, NCC-75004-A U.S.S. BLACK HAWK

Sovereign Class Starship

24 Years a Chapter of STARFLEET

Logo for USS Bllack
              Hawk, NCC-75004-A


CA-75004 Black Hawk
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Class: Sovereign
Type: Exploratory
Length: 685 Meters
Width: 88 Meters
Height: 68 Meters
Tonnage: 3200 Metric Tons
Propulsion: 2 LF-45 Warp Drive
Intermix: M/ARA
Max. Warp:  9.99
Max. Cruising Warp: 9.98
Standard: 5.0
Range: 15 Years
Impulse:2 FIFs-5 Kloratis
Computer: M-16 Bio-Neural
GelPack: T-10
LCARS: Standard Interface
Isolinier Memory
Nav. Coridan RAV/SHAK Mdl 5

Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral Jeffery Higdon
Executive Officer
Commodore Karen Higdon (3)
Captain Thomas Moore (2)
Fleet Captain Karen Higdon (1)

Officers: 130
Crew: 752
Dependants: 630
Maximum: 1483
Emergency: 12000


Phasers: 9 Type XX Omnidirectional
Photons: Mark 100 Quantum Phase Torpedoes
Type XV Shield Generator
Deflector:FSS/RNS IV Modified
Cloak: Type XII Phase
(Authorization through special Amendment to the Treaty of Algeron, via the Cha'ouw Empire, Stardate 52584.24)


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