Sovereign Class Starship

24 Years a Chapter of STARFLEET



STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
The named the largest fan-run Fan Club of any type in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.  The USS Black Hawk has been affiliated with STARFLEET since 1995.  Visit STARFLEET by clicking HERE.

The Cha'ouw Empire
An independent Star Trek Fan club, based upon the Chal, as pseudo Klingon-Romulan culture in William Shatner's first Star Trek novel 'Ashes of Eden'.  This association is also the host of the annual 'Beach Bash' conference, held the first weekend in November in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.   Starbase Rockford is a aligned within this organization and the USS Black Hawk is also starship of the Empire!  (Website is down)

Federated Alliance/Starfleet Central/Omega Fleet
Three different independent Star Trek Fan Associations in which the Shiloh/Black Hawk was a member.  The Shiloh briefly was with Omega Fleet until leaving to help create Starfleet Central.  Starfleet Central merged with the Federated Alliance in 1998.  Federated Alliance was
reestablished in 2015.

STARFLEET Twelfth Fleet
A five state region within STARFLEET which the USS Black Hawk resides since 1997 is the Twelfth Fleet.  The USS Black Hawk served as the Flagship of the Twelfth Fleet from April 5, 2009-April30, 2015 as Black Hawk member & CO Jeffery Higdon served as the Twelfth Fleet Commander from 2009-2015.

Sector Illinois
The state in which the USS Black Hawk currently resides in.  Sector Illinois currently has four chapters and four ships of the line - the Sovereign Class USS Black Hawk (Rockford); the the Griffin Class USS BortaS (Urbana)the Nichter Class USS Orion (East Moline) and the Sovereign Class USS Reuben James (Urbana).  You can get more information on each chapter of the STARFLEET Region Twelve Website to the left.

STARFLEET Marine Corps
The 'Ground Forces' aspect of STARFLEET.  The 263rd Marine Strike Group, the "Hawk's Talons" are part of the SFMC.  Visit the few, the proud, right HERE!

The SFMC Twelfth Brigade - The DIRTY DOZEN
The 263rd Marine Strike Group, The "Hawk's Talons", is part of the Second Battalion of this Brigade.  Visit the Dirty Dozen HERE!


STARFLEET Region One, The First Fleet
The region in which the USS Shiloh (Black Hawk) resided in from chapter creation on February 28, 1995 until August 15, 1997.   The USS Black Hawk is considered an honorary member of the MidSouth Squadron, a group of STARFLEET Chapters that originates in the West Tennessee and Western Kentucky areas.  Captain Higdon served as the First Commander of the MidSouth Squadron in 1996-97.  Click HERE!

The International Fandom Council
A Council of Star Trek Fan Clubs and Organizations.  It's purpose was to have a forum to discuss issues related to Trekdom (Star Trek-related fandom issues) and to give a unified front on those issues.  The Black Hawk was a member from 1996-1999.  This organization was disbanded in the early 2000s.

The Matrix Task Force
A group of Star Trek Fan Chapters exclusively on the world wide web (WWW).  The Black Hawk was a member from 1995-1999.    It changed it's name to Cyber-Trek Task Force.  The status of this organization is unknown.

United Federation of Planets Galaxy
An Independent Star Trek Fan Association founded in 1985.  The Black Hawk joined the association in 2005.